About Us


To be the best service provider of emergency management courses, build capacity, and transfer these technologies to better prepare people and companies for emergencies using global best practices in emergency management, mitigation and preparedness.


Dedicated to conduct mass based emergency management educational courses and providing appropriate cutting edge, updated practices for various emergencies using local and international standards and practices.


Brief History of the Organization:

Preparing for emergencies, disasters, or crises has become a must as a result of climate change, increasing population, natural and manmade hazards, business profit and competition, and communities demanding for a safe and secure environment. Institutions and communities often fail to plan for emergencies resulting in shortsighted handling thereof.

Despite being a young company, the people behind Emergency Management Center, Inc. (EMC), has more than twenty years of experience in training and providing emergency management education courses to companies, institutions, communities, and schools.

EMC was created to help organizations and communities manage their emergencies for the purpose of preventing or minimizing disruption of operations and prevent loss of life and property.

We offer consultancy, along with appropriate educational workshop courses, designed to eliminate or reduce the impact of emergencies and allow proper measures to be formed.

We conduct various courses on emergency preparedness  and management including crisis communication, developing appropriate policies and procedures, and stakeholder engagement to create a dynamic culture of safety and security in your areas of influence.